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I have a an hp vm169ua laptop and two hp 2509 hd monitors. I\'m using vga to one monitor and hdmi to the other monitor. The vga allows me to hava a resolution of 1920x1080, but the hdmi won\'t let me have the same resolution without having the window go outside of the monitor frame. Can anyone help me on how to get the same resolution on both screens? Ive had to drop the resolution on the screen with the hdmi cable in order to get it to fit on the screen, but then the text looks really big and fuzzy. I only have one vga and one hdmi port on the side of my laptop. I've tried using another hdmi cable, i've tried just only hooking up the monitor with the hdmi cable to my laptop, same results. I've tried downloading different graphics/monitor drivers to get it to allow me to have the same resolution and quality. I also don't get any sound through the monitor with the hdmi cable. Can anyone give me any other ideas as to what to do or what I need to get?
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  1. There is probably a setting in the monitor itself that is clipping the HDMI stream. Look through the settings to see if you can find anything that relates to overscan.
  2. I just looked through the setting on the OSD of the monitor and I couldn't find anything that related to overscan. Can you give me any other ideas as to what I could do?
  3. If you right click on ur desktop and identify ur monitors and then checking the box that reads make this my primary monitor that should resolve ur sizing issue then by right clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom right hand corner you can change the sound device to hdmi or speakers accordingly. In order to hear the sound from both monitors at once I am not familiar with a software that can do that. but while playin blu-ray on #2 monitor by selecting the hdmi playback device as a default, and I can select hi def speakers on COD BLOPS and use my headphones to listen to the game on my main monitor. The messed up thing about doing this is the voices from the game are comming over the HDMI and not the hidef speakers and ruining the blu-ray movie. So, as a result I cannot hear what the players are sayin, but who listens to what they got to say nehow when you got vent up and going. other then that I am having fun with it. so if any one knows how to get the voice over HDMI to play on my hi def speakers in game I would be interested in that... Thanks and YW
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