Internet Connection won't work, Need help!

I'm currently posting on a laptop. However, Our main internet connection, Qwest DSL, has went down last week and has been down for about 5 days. We've called and spoke with multiple tech reps and have done all the regular crap like flushing the modem, plugging/replugging things, etc etc. A technician was sent just today, he worked on the connection for two and a half hours+, but in the end his conclusion was that "One of our computers has a virus that has spread to my brothers computers and I and is the main root of the problem causing our internet connection to be permanently off" He left shortly thereafter and said he could do nothing else.

Now our computers are completely fine, everything is working intact, no funny pc lag from "viruses" etc. I don't know what else to do, I find it hard to believe that there is a virus targeting us solely to disrupt our personal internet connection/network, but not hacking important stuff like our banking information.

Any advice or help? I've googled for a few hours and have tried literally everything I know to my knowledge and don't know whats the root of the problem or a solution.
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  1. Ive done all that, and were still getting this error message when trying to connect to the isp "connecting....." then we get "Walled Garden". How do we fix tihs?
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