ASRock Extreme 4 with SSD vs Asus P8Z77-V without SSD

hey guys, I am stuck at deciding what to get. I can either buy the ASRock board save some money and spend the little extra cash on SSD or I can buy the more expensive Asus board and not have the extra money for the SSD. I can always get an SSD later on but just have to reinstall everything again.

The ASRock and Asus both have the same power phase which I think helps in overclocking as I will be using an i5 3570K. I have read someone hitting 4.7ghz on the asus board and 4.6ghz on the ASRock board. I want to build a solid system that can last me atleast 4 years so I want it to be future proof, which motherboard is more futureproof ? the Asus has more features. I am going to be overclocking the processor too.

I have only ever used gigabyte and intel boards before so I dont know what the quality of both ASRock and Asus is like.

I am not too bothered about the Loading times which the SSD improves but I just want an opinion which choice would you go for ?

I havnt gone through the whole memory compatibility list for the two boards but which one would generally support more memories ?

Thank you.
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  1. Get the ASRock + SSD, because no all the CPU can OC to 4.6/4.7 even if you get the good MB. From the review Asus go to 4.7 and ASRock go to 4.69, what do you think? That is same.,3254.html
  2. Anymore opinions ?
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