Couldn't update my 4870 Graphics Driver. Uninstalled now cant install!

Battlefield 3 beta came out recently and I tried to install the latest ATI Drivers for it. When I was installing the Catalyst drivers, it said it was about to install everything BUT 'ATI Display Drivers'. It wasn't even listed in the list of items it was going to install.

My driver stayed the same.

I uninstalled my drivers, it reverted back to the windows WDM drivers (horrible graphics). And I tried installing again, but even less options were listed.

I can't figure out how to install my latest drivers. I think I had this problem before but ended up installing the drivers manually via device manager.
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  1. Update: Tried Driver Cleaner to uninstall. Tried reinstalling with 11.8,11.9.and 11.10. Still doesn't work :(
  2. I thought the Beta isn't until tomorrow? At least that's what the website says

    I don't know man, you must be doing something wrong. Did you reboot after uninstalling and before re-installing?
  3. I pre-ordered the game and we got access to it yesterday.

    ..although ill probably start when everyone else does because of this :(

    Yeah, I rebooted. Can't figure this thing out.
  4. try using driver cleaner
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