Yet Another ATI 3 Monitor Display Problem

So I have the ATI Radeon HD 5670 Graphics card and for a while I had 2 monitors running, using the HDMI and DVI ports. I got a VGA monitor for free and I decided to use it as a 3rd display. I bought an adapter from ebay, this :

for $15 and it didn't work so I did my research and discovered I needed an active converter display for the 3rd display to work. So then I buy this one:

And I checked the manufacturer site and it said it was an active adapter, .

So I received it today, I connected everything and I'm still having the "disable one display first" problem. However, when I rick-click the desktop and press "screen resolution" I see the 3 displays, and when I try to extend the 3rd it auto disables another.

I have also updated the drivers and then updated the 11.6b Hotfix and then did the rollback because the Hotfix still didn't solve the screen flickering problem.

One last thing, the monitor setup is as follows:
24" Acer DVI to DVI
17" HP DVI Adapter to HDMI
17" VGA Adapter to DP

Please help, I've read so much and I'm still at a loss.
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    You cannot use a VGA monitor through the Active Display Port Adapter. atleast this is tru for all my research and testing

    as another note.

    you realise that in order to turn eyefinity on you will have to reduce your 24" monitor to the same resolution as your 17" are running.

    You can "TRY" this

    24" Acer DP (on card) to DVI
    17" HP DVI (on card) Adapter to HDMI
    17" DVI (on card) Adapter to VGA

    I have setup 22" 27" 22" for my eyefinity

    maximum resolution of the 22" s are 1640*1050
    so to have eyefinity i drop the resolution of my 27" back to match the 22"s
  2. Extended Desktop Requires the following

    You can have a MAX of 2 NON-display port monitors (any combination of VGA, DVI, HDMI can be used)

    After that you MUST use active display port to DVI Adapters (Monitors must be DVI)
    Or have monitors with a native display port

    Eyefinity requires the following AS WELL AS WHATS ABOVE

    ALL monitors must be set to the exact same resolution and orientation.
  3. using a VGA monitor in a 3 monitor setup on 1 video card (eyefinity or not) is going be dicey.
  4. Oh ok thanks for the quick responses. I wasn't aware of all that.
  5. No problem, neither was I until i started trying to do it either.

    are you going to do eyefinity for gaming or just use extended desktop?
  6. Gaming on 3 monitors with a HD5670 would be less than thrilling.
  7. I like the extra workspace. I only play Sc2 casually. The idea came to my head only when I was given a free extra monitor. I'm most likely just going to return the adapter.
  8. yeah i wouldnt bother with eyefinity then

    but extended desktop would be worth a try

    "You can "TRY" this

    24" Acer DP (on card) to DVI [...] 6814999030
    17" HP DVI (on card) Adapter to HDMI
    17" DVI (on card) Adapter to VGA [...] 6814998101
  9. Well what about adding another videocard. Maybe the same one, my computer is xcrossfirex ready. Currently going for $70 on Amazon, and returning the DP adapter would cover $40 of it. How feasible is this plan?
  10. if you add another card and enable crossfire it will DISABLE the outputs on the 2nd card.

    so your still in the same boat, but you do have better performance.

    I have never tried 2 cards with crossfire DISABLED
  11. Ok well when I receive the funds I will look further into it and maybe bump this thread. I'm going to see if its not against forums rules. But I don't know whether my computer is outdated. So maybe someone can shed some light into that. My specs are as follows:

    MoBo: Asus P7P55D LE
    P55 Chipset
    Intel i5-750 (Quad HT 2.66Ghz 8mb Cache)
    RAM: Kingston 4GP DDR3 @ 1333Mhz (2 x 2gb)
    HDD: Western Digital 500gb, 16mb Cache
    Graphics: ATI 5670 1gb 128-bit
  12. Your board supports crossfire. it will run at 4x PCIx speed which is OK but not great.

    rest of the PC looks good and i dont think will cause a bottlekneck (unless u look at using 3 or 4 6970's.)

    Dont know about bumping.
    you can always create another thread when it comes time to purchase the cards and get reccomendations based on ur budget.
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