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I have a Gigabyte 970a-DS3 motherboard with an AMD FX4100 quard core processor at 3.60 ghz. I recently bought new ram. 2 packs of Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb at 1866mhz. By default my computer puts all 4 sticks at 1333mhz. I do the easy overclock profile to put it at 1866, and it still defaults back to 1333mhz. I've adjusted my cpu frequency and ram timings so its currently running at 1864mhz, however after an x amount of time it will blue screen. While running video games it's fine, other than that it shuts down. Is something not compatible, or have I adjusted something incorrectly?
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  1. Reset your bios only increase the frequency. Also set the timings to the ram specified timings.
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