Possible Motherboard Failure?

Hello Gang,

I was working on a Sony Vaio vpceb35fx yesterday, replacing a trackpad and palmrest. The unit was working fine prior to my doings. I had to remove the motherboard and all components from the old palmrest and reattach to the new unit. I reassembled the unit, and would only get the green power light to turn on. No bios, no fan, no HDD or monitor starting at all. Just the light when the ac adapter was plugged in. I disassembled and reassembled everything and checked the ram one by one to see if that was the culprit, but still nothing. The one thing I did notice was the ac jack was pretty beat up and needs to be replaced. I have ordered a new ac jack, but is there anything else that could cause this that I am overlooking. I am hoping that I didn't ruin the mobo somehow, but I would love your input.
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  1. Laptop boards are a tighter fit than desktops; your guess is as good as mine. I'd say metal to metal somewhere is your problem, but handling boards without an esd strap can also cause intermal circuit damage; some folks dismiss it as improbable, but it happens ocassionally. It's up to you as to how much troubleshooting time you want to try. I once had an old FIC desktop board that just wouldn't boot up; after removing and reinstalling it about 4-5 times, it worked. Go figure.
  2. if you have a monitor...try booting the mb outside of the laptop case and see if it posts.
  3. I'd check the CPU maybe it got "loosen up":)
  4. smorizio said:
    if you have a monitor...try booting the mb outside of the laptop case and see if it posts.

    Yes, that way you gonna be sure whether it's "metal to metal" kind of problem or MB failure.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies, fellas. I initially thought it could be a grounding issue so I retraced as much as possible to try to find the culprit to no avail. I will try the external monitor outside of the case to see if it posts. I am also gonna grab some more memory from work to see if somehow both sticks of ram went south. One thing of note; the reason I knew the ac jack was bad was because when i plugged in the jack with the case open I had a bit of trouble securing the plug in the jack. When I finally got it in place I noticed a tiny spark at the back of the jack. I am wondering if this was the culprit as well? I will also test out the new jack once I get it in.
  6. see if work has a digital volt meter you can snag. most laptop have a fuse right next to the power plug to save the mb from a dead short. it may have poped from the shorted plug.
  7. I do have a digital volt meter which I will bring home with me. As far as the fuse, I looked this morning on a suggestion from a friend but could not locate what appeared to be a fuse on the mobo. I'll have to check a bit harder to see if I can locate it.
  8. Clear the CMOS. Remove the CMOS battery and move the jumper to reset and back to operate.Or just remove the CMOS battery and wait a while (Preferably over night as some capacitors take a long time to discharge).
  9. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I am still not up and running yet, but i cleared the CMOS and tried to boot outside of the case to no avail. I am still waiting on the new ac jack to arrive, which I now suspect is at least part of the problem since I can the power light to turn on at all and there is no power coming from the jack (tested with volt meter). I will check back in hopefully tonight to give an update if the piece comes in. I appreciate the responses.
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