BIOS doesn't recognise SATA HDD.

Hi. I know that there were threads like this before, but i didn't found a solution to my problem in any of them.

A few days ago, i bought a SATA HDD (Samsung 160JJ) from a friend of mine, with an intension to use it as a primary hard disk. I plugged it, formated and installed a fresh copy of Windows 8. After multiple restarts, Windows loaded normally. I even searched for some drivers in google, but haven't installed any.

Next day, when i turned on my PC a message showed up: "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press Enter". I checked all the cables, they are good. Tried changing the priority of booting devices and no luck. Then i noticed, that BIOS doesn't show my HDD at all.

I tried plugging the same HDD to 2 different PCs, but none of them recognise it.

It seems that HDD does work, as i plug a power cable and it starts to vibrate. :sarcastic:

Does anyone has a suggestion, how to solve this? :)

P.S. Sorry for my english. It isn't my native language.
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  1. Really sounds like a defective HDD that simply no longer works. It appears to get power, but the data connection appears to be defective.

    If you have swapped SATA cables and it made no difference, I think you have a dead drive. Sorry.
  2. Yes, i have swapped SATA cables, unfortunately no difference. I had an idea that it's dead, but wasn't sure. Anyway, thanks for corroboration. :)

    Another question: are there any chances to bring HDD to life again?
  3. Maybe. If you can find an exact same PCB (the circuit board) that is installed on the current HDD, you might be able to resurrect it. Honestly, I would just get a new HDD. It just isn't worth the problem or headaches.
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