I need a good PSU cable management guide/videod

I gave my old desktop to one of my brothers (it is a Dell E510). He says it has been overheating lately. I looked inside of it and I noticed that I never bothered to make the wires nice and neat. So I thought it would not be a bad place to start. I made many upgrades for it (GPU, CPU, RAM, PSU).

When I mean messy, I mean really messy. There is not an 2-3 inches of open space when you first look at it.

Anyone have a good PSU cable management guide they would like to share? Maybe a video? I tried finding myself, but had no luck with one that could help me.

Many that I saw, they have the cables hidden behind the motherboard; unfortunately, I do not think I can do this with a Dell E510.
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  1. Oem cases usually have 0 to no cable management.
  2. Yup, if your near Nottingham I'll take a shot at it, but refer to Muffins answer :)
  3. Only "cable management" in one of those is an empty drive bay
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    sticky cable tie bases and lots of cable ties.
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