System randomly becomes 98% unresponsive

Hi guys,

I am experiencing random stuttering and system lockups. It is very weird as the lockups do not completely halt the system immediately, it almost appears like the system is at 100% load, blocking all user input devices (cant move the mouse) but will then process the next pending operating after a random delay of a minute or more. Earlier today this happened and I left the machine alone, Windows lost almost all colour to all program windows (turned black) and my multi-monitor setup (2 screens) began swapping between randomly switching between monitors. During this time keyboard and mouse input was not accepted by the system and I had to hard reset.

I know these kinds of problems can be difficult to diagnose but if you guys could offer some opinions, I would appreciate it. I am wondering if this is my video card going (EVGA 260 GTX). I just ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and that turned up nothing. I am also sure my hard drives (which were both just replaced) are also not related to the issue. All drivers are up to date including Asus Xonar and Nvidia Geforce.
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  1. I just read the latest beta Geforce drivers

    New in Version 285.79

    Fixes cases of irregular performance (stuttering) primarily seen on DirectX 10 GPUs. The fix improves the performance of both DX10 and DX11 GPUs.

    I will give this a try. Gotta love the WHQL certified drivers have regressions this big in them.
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