GTX 570 games wont run and windows has graphical glitches

I have a GTX 570(EVGA), and yesterday anything I played seemed to work fine. Today however nothing will work. I am running 280.26 drivers right now, but it has been happening with any that I try. I was using the new BF3 beta drivers fine last night, and before that the 285.27 drivers.

BFBC2 loads up and all but when I enter a game, some of the terrain is invisible, most of the post processing effects are black. If I leave the game running eventually my screen just gets jumbled with a lot of really straight lines looking like perspective lines? Also sometimes I can't even get into a game, the screen just blacks out and then comes back to a solid white screen until I force close.

CoD 4 MW Runs fine for a bit and then the screen freezes, the game and PC are still running, if I ctrl+alt+delete it and come back I can play for another few seconds and then same thing.

WoW Sometimes it will run ok for a bit, other times as soon as I load in, it will minimize to desktop and I cant bring it back up.

On top of all that, I have been seeing a lot of "Display driver stoppedxithryl[at] responding and was forced to restart" or what have you. As well as at times after the games crash or I close them out. if I bring up the right click menu on an icon lets say, every menu item I highlight disappears leaving only the greyish background.

If anyone has any ideas of what to do to go about fixing this that would be awesome. Thanks in advanced.
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  1. These are the kind of issues I get in Windows

    edit: I am also getting flashing black screen when using firefox, and a checkerboard like thing on the top of my screen sometimes across the whole screen
  2. Other than up dating the drivers it sounds like the video card is dying. Do you have another computer you can test it on? Or an older video card that can still handle those games you can try?
  3. sadly no, I guess I can place the 570 in my gfs PC, but the PSU in there isn't anything.. dont wanna further ruin the card if it is indeed the card.... I just uninstalled drivers ran a drive sweep and installed the WHQL drivers, about to test games now will report back
  4. Nothing, same issues, could it possibly be the PSU? I am only running a 650w and its kind of old now.
  5. uninstall any beta drivers using driver sweeper and install the latest official driver from nVidia & check the temperature of your GPU
  6. xithryl said:
    Nothing, same issues, could it possibly be the PSU? I am only running a 650w and its kind of old now.

    what model of the PSU ?
  7. this PSU is kinda good and can handle your GPU, when did this start to happen ?
    just make sure to uninstall the old drivers and install the current one from nVidia...
    and check you're GPU temperature using any software like CPUID HW Monitor or GPU-Z
    also if you have a doubt about the PSU check the voltages output using CUID HW monitor...

    check all of this and tell me if it works or not.....
  8. well I have a lot in the PC:

    BluRay Optical drive
    2x 500GB HDD in RAID0
    1x 1TB HDD
    1x 90GB SSD for Windows
    1x 30GB SSD for Adobe Suite

    Then there is the 570, Intel i7 920, Mobo is EVGA X58 SLI LE

    GPU is at 51 degrees

    what would I be looking at to check on my PSU?
  9. I think your PSU is sufficient for your config. I did experience similar problems with my GTX 570. I would suggest that you switch to latest WHQL driver i.e. 280.26 . Also change every sub-setting under "Adjust video color settings" and "Adjust video image settings" in NVIDIA control panel to "Use the NVIDIA setting", though do not change the values, let them be the default ones. I know this doesn't really sounds like a viable solution but this really worked for me, I haven't experienced any crashes or glitches ever since. Hope this works for you.
  10. I am running the 280.26 drivers now, I will try the other settings you mentioned as well... I unplugged 2 fans, my fan controller and one of the SSDs and I was able to get into a bfbc2 and start shooting with out graphical issues, though the screen before when you choose where to spawn was all grey
  11. I made those changes, and I also moved around a few connections in my case, all seems to be running fine now... perhaps my PSU is just getting faulty might not be a bad idea to look into one.

    I also noticed that when I was having problems the red X icon was more of a deep brown color, as if there wasn't enough juice pushing through my PC.. idk... but thanks for everyone's help really!
  12. do a full uninstall of your GPU drivers if you have a old card install that first with drivers installed then log off and power off disconnect your 570 log in uninstall your drivers for the 570 and then repeat with new drivers on the 570.
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