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have a problem with my motherboard its a MSI MS-7548 and it has one blown capacitor and i was wondering should i replace it if its just one and what brand should i get to replace it also i heard i should go up a step like if the capacitor is a 6.3v 1000uf i should get a higher voltage so it doesn't blow again also it it normal that only one is bad i mean i looked at every one of them and only one is obvious this pic is not of my actual board but i just wanted to show you what one it is

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  1. You should read this thread: The other capacitors will eventually fail.
  2. I can't tell from the photo, but is it reasonable to assume that the capacitor in question does not have the 'T' pattern stamped into its top, as does the fine Panasonic capacitor next to it, and could it instead be a G-Luxon or Teapo brand? Also next to the lower PCI-E 1x socket is a brown capacitor labeled KZG that may be prone to failure, depending on how it's used.

    A replacement capacitor with a higher voltage rating but of the same brand and type is unlikely to last longer, unless excessive voltage has been the problem. Much more likely you need to switch to a better brand, like Panasonic.
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