GPD's build for wife's Christmas

Approximate Purchase Date: Buying pieces each payday.

Budget Range: none (within reason)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, internet

Parts Not Required: mouse, possibly keyboard, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Have been using Newegg and FrozenCPU

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Reliable. Intel for SSD, Asus for motherboard

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: Not sure. It's a 60hz 40" LCD.

Additional Comments: Looking for "bang for the buck" and "future resistant" parts. Also tried and true parts.

Here is what I've bought so far:

GSkill Ripjaw
I don't know what the difference is between ripjaw and sniper?? ...if anything. And I still don't know what timings and latency are.
I just read here that 8gb is enough. So should I return a stick or two, or stick with what I've got?

I7 2700K
I'm kind of embarrassed that it's really the same as the 2600K, but I didn't know that when I bought it. That's why I've decided to start this thread so I can hopefully catch those mistakes before I make them. I don't mind spending money, but I don't like wasting it.

HAF 932
I settled on this not only because of the fans being 230mm over the 200mm on the HAF X 942, but also because the price after rebate is only 95.00!! Couldn't pass it up.

IC Diamond and Arctic clean step 1 and 2.

Here's what else is on the list:

It's the faster one, and I don't want to mess with SLI and it's possible problems so I decided to get a single, fast card.

CoolerMaster PSU Gold certified 1000w
May be overkill on the juice, but the 800w supplies weren't that much cheaper. This model is supposed to be very efficient.

Intel SSD
I got this one instead of the bigger one based on price. I went with Intel because of the low failure rate. I don't know how to make this work to boot up and then the larger drive to store yet. I also read on here something about 8gb of memory to the computer and 8gb to the SSD to make it so fast it's almost precognitative?

1tb Caviar Black
After research, this seemed to be what I wanted. Naturally the SSD won't hold alot of games so they will inevitably be booting from this drive as well. Hopefully the price will drop down to normal and I'll probably make this my last purchase to give it more time to do so.

LiteOn BluRay burner
I figured I'd get a burner to store larger amounts of data in case the woman wants to send lots of pictures to someone or whatever. I settled on LiteOn based on reviews. All the research I did pointed to optic drives all being fairly equal in reliability??

I'm getting this because it's smaller and more or less as good as the H100. This will keep the processor temps worry free if I want to turn it up.


While I'm WIDE open to suggestions on all of this stuff, I REALLY need help on the mobo. I'm torn between these two:



The research I did on these was conflicting with people saying "this one is faster for this" and "no THIS one is faster". Which one is it? I'd planned on P67, so if I go with Z68, will the rest of my stuff work?

Also, memory is easy to return, so did I get good memory? (I'm sticking with the brand) Or is there a more "optimal" memory for these boards?

Do I really need an actual sound card, and if so is that to run surround sound or something? Also, a network adapter--is that for wireless, or do you need that to connect to the internet period? Thanks to all for your time!!
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  1. Well, I suppose everything is good with the lack of replies. Going with the z68.
  2. I just finished buying everything. I ended up with the EVGA 3g Classified for a video card. Now I have a question: Do I leave out the HDD while I install the operating system, and then install it afterward, or will it give me an option on which drive to install it to?

    BTW, I hope this isn't the first of many questions...I'd rather have an easy setup with no hitches. First build, so any advice is certainly welcomed! Thanks.
  3. I just bought the SSD, HDD, card reader, OS, additional fan, red LED light stick, and Blu Ray burner today.

    Here's some pics of what it looks like so far:

  4. Okay, I got this thing fired up!! I left the HDD unplugged while I installed the OS. Now that I've plugged it in, I managed to Google my way to disc management. I formatted it as a basic drive so now it shows up as "I" in "my computer". Is basic drive what I wanted? It's the normal SSD/HDD setup for fast booting and HDD as the storage device.

    Also, when it starts up, it shows a black screen a couple times telling me stuff about it--like what is booting and the like. How do I get rid of these screens so it just boots? Thanks.

    I just made a recovery partition in the HDD and backed up the computer to it.
  5. right now running Prime95 stable at 4.88ghz. CPU running 68C with H80 on high.


    Windows experience is:
    Gaming Gra:7.9
    Prim Drive:7.8

    Stock settings--
    3dmark11: p7940
    pcmark7: 5282
  6. Well, it's been just over a year since I built this PC. I'd hate to jinx myself, but I must say, it's running ROCK-SOLID! The CPU is still sitting at 4.5ghz, and I left the GTX580 alone since it was already oc'd from EVGA.'

    It still boots from a dead stop in 11 seconds, and it performs just like it did the day I built it. The filters from FrozenCPU have kept the interior sparking. Been running it on a 120hz 55" Samsung plasma TV for about the last eight months. I couldn't be happier!:bounce:
  7. ...And from the lack of replies, I'd say this thread is invisible, or nobody really gives a crap...
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