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Hello All,

Thanks in advance for helping me.

I need to setup a desktop at home and need help in selecting the Mobo.

Proc - i7 2600K
HDD - Intel 320 Series 160 GB SSD

Now I want to utilize the GPU capabilities of 2600K hence need a mobo that supports i7 2600K for GPU, supports the SSD drive and also has USB 3.0 support.
I am also looking at it having (pref) on-board audio. And my preference is Intel so that I can buy all three from Intel through some combo discount deal.

Please help.

I would be later installing DVD-RW drive and may upgrade Audio or Video card from onboard to a separate card.

Do assist.
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    Most any 1155 mobo will provide those requirements. However, you are better off with an OEM other than Intel for the mobo. Intel sells mostly to corporate builders and has little for the enthusiast. I suggest that you look at ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar, etc. All of these manufacturers provide good LGA 1155 boards with USB 3.0 (good luck finding an Intel that does).

    I suggest that you look for a Z68 mobo from one of the OEMs I mentioned that supports onboard video.
  2. 1.motherboard asus p8z68 vpro lga 1155 usb 3.0 all in one features
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