Rebooting when i installed new processor

recently i got replaced my intel core 2duo processor instead of my old one from intel company, when i installed it and started to run it is opening windows and asking password , when i enter my password in is showing desktop with my folders , but with in 5-10 sec again restarting . the same process continues always i start to run my pc. can any help me ?
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  1. That sounds a lot like a bios problem to me... i would go into the bios nd select the "load defaults tab"

    There may be more than one coice. U might see load performance defaults and/or load failsafe defauls. Use the failsafe one, if u have a choice. Be sure and save it. re-boot.
  2. List your specs including the power supply brand name and wattage.
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  4. Please post your motherboard. Its possible you may need a bios update but I really cant help without knowing the motherboards full name. Also post your new CPU's exact name.
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