Constant computer freezing! please help!

Now I don't know what seems to be the issue, and I'll admit the problem has existed before but I've been trying to play the Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta and it has never been this bad!

Basically my computer keeps freezing and if there's any sound playing at the time it creates a horrible buzzing/glitchy loop sound. I've read some stuff about it being driver issues but I've updated/downgraded etc and it hasn't worked.

I'm praying that it's something specifiaclly to do with this beta rather than hardware malfunction but any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. What are your temps at for your CPU and GPU? Have you tested your RAM (one stick in Slot 1, each at a time, and running Memtest on it)? Are there any other games this occurs on? Have you scanned your HDD for any errors?
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