Is my ram supported by my motherboard (ASRock QVL says it does not)

I was going to buy new 8GB ram for my ASRock N68-VS3 FX motherboard but i cant find the RAM i want to buy in its QVL. The RAM is 2x4GB and it is 1600Mhz and my mobo's website says this can handle it, but its not in the QVL, so does this mean it cannot work with my mobo? (BTW the RAM's model number is CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B)
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  1. I should also mention the RAM is DDR3 240-pin :P again, the mobo's site says that can handle it.
  2. It will most likely work but it isn't guaranteed to work since it isn't on the qvl.
  3. Not being on the QVL means it has not been specifically tested on the board by the manufacturer. It is probably fine, it should run as long as its DDR3 and running at a speed supported by your MOBO, even more so if a similar model is on the QVL, but if you bought it from a site like Newegg they will let you swap out incompatible RAM.
  4. At worst you'll have to manually time it. Repost if you need to be talked through it.
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