Non-oem bios on an oem mobo

hi all, first post! hope i make it a good one! id like to start off by saying that i am not a noob but i am nowhere near the capacity that this site holds. I always perform google searches prior to asking questions and neary 75% of the tme i always end up on this site; since ive been using this forum for years i thought it was about time i joined this sites forum and partake in the fun.

here is my setup:

emachines el1352-041w
mobo: neforce 430 (oem DA061L-3D)
cpu: athlon xII 220 (dualcore)
dram: 2gb ddr2
gfx: integrated

I am home for the holidays and just purchased a HD-7750 radeon and wish to upgrade the dram. I am a student so i have limited funds (close to $0) and i love tinkering so i am looking for some fun with little cost. When researching my computer (i got it 3 months ago) i have found out that the cpu in my computer is a rare and lucky find. it is easily upgardeable to a Phenom II 925 (quadcore) with a little love. Also, the computer that is a step up from mine (el-1358) is upgradeable to 8gb of dram while mine is only upgradable to 4gb max. However, the mobos are exactly the same. this leads me to believe that the mobo is locked down/crippled.

with that being said, can i install a BIOs from a compatible mobo (neforce 430) with unlocking capabilities with regards to cpu and dram? or does anybody know of a third party bios? I am a tinkerer and like to have fun so, please, offer any advice. I am also broke so, please, dont suggest i buy a new mobo. i would like to upgrade my dram and dont know if i should buy 4gb or 8gb.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you're broke, don't do it. It's hit or miss. I tried it once, and the new bios had missing sections, and of course, your oem software may not work with a non oem bios.
  2. If i go through with this and the bios does not post does that mean i screwed the mobo up?
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    Yes. You won't find a new oem bios chip anywhere; the dells and hp's only have the replacement boards available for a short time, then they're sold for big bucks on ebay by folks who hoarded or saved them. Better to sell your oem board than risking bricking it with a wrong bios flash.
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  5. Thanks buddy
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