No signal and memory red led is on

I just installed 16gb (4x4) of dominator platinum (1866) on my sabertooth Z77 and the red led next to the memok button is on. i also am getting no display on my monitor. i heard that if this happens i am suppose to press the memok button or hold it down or something. i am just not sure.

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  1. I realized that one of my sticks was not pushed down all the way and when i booted the DRAM led is no longer red but I still have no signal.
  2. i get boot with no warnings or leds going off with 2 sticks of the RAM. I get display. I can see my screen and im getting the signal. Why is that 4 sticks won't work?

  3. check your bios rev of the zabertooth mb. if it old ie bios the shipping bios was rev 80x. the newest rev with all the updates is bios 1708. i would use the usb flashback port and flash the mb bios to the newest rev..
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