Should I hold out for Ivy Bridge?

I'm looking to build a system and am curious as to how much the retail price of Sandy Bridge CPUs (read: 2500K) will drop when Ivy Bridge comes out.

Sure there's a performance boost with the new generation, but I figure retailers will be selling the previous gen at a discount...

Any thoughts?

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  1. the thoughts from the last 2-3 threads on this is no change, or no significant change.
  2. yea, but I was thinking like this: ~$200 US for a i5 2500, but Ivy Bridge will retail for the same price and get 15-20% more performance? so how much will the 2500 fall in price usually? AMD's latest offering was so lackluster that the price of the old Stars chips went up or maintained so, its not a good litmus... :/ I'm so disappointed in AMD...
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    Microcenter sells 2500k's for 180 and used to give a deal when purchased you also get an additional $50 off of a mobo. Anyways there probably will be a most of 10 dollar drop in price of sandybridge, then later on it will increase because intel will not make sb chips anymore and will likely stop production after ivy is released.
  4. and intel will buy back unsold chips, (warranty replacements probably)
  5. I just wish intel would give a date for when the new chips would be out.
  6. They have, it is april 8th.
  7. amuffin said:
    They have, it is april 8th.

    Will that be just a USA release or europe too?
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  9. delayed :(
  10. Ivybridge is delayed, and to be honest won't be enough of a jump over a Sandybride, if you buy an IB you are locked into the socket 1155 setup until you replace the motherboard and CPU. Haswell and Skylake will operate off socket 1150 so it may be prudent to just stick with a SB and upgrade to either Haswell or Skylake down the road if necessary.
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