How loud is Corsair's H80 cooler?

Hello, I'm looking to buy a water cooled unit and wanted to know if anyone could tell me about the noise level? I've read many reviews and it seems 5-1 of people are really saying this thing is loud. One person said "its sounds like a couple of dying HDDs". Thanks!
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  1. Its loud when you turn it on, but after that it calms down. When you turn it on, sounds like a jet taking off lol. It's not loud in my opinion after starting up.
  2. The pump unit should make almost no sound after you start it, and you can quiet the fan by running at less than mak speed and/or swap out for a quieter fan with the same airflow.
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    got an h80 in push pull (2 fans)

    and have to say mine is quiet--but i connected both fans to a fan controller to get more precise

    control over the fan speed as the corsair only had low --medium --high
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