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Radeon or Nvidia???Y not Radeon.. i wanna play games in high resolution without any framing, need to play 720p/1080p movies without any glitch or flickering.. Plz. suggest me a brand from the above two Radeon or Nvidia..and WHY?? Wat are the pro's and con's of both the companies cards>?
Also, some say nvidia is gud as it has 3D support,Physx.. Does Radeon lack features such as Physx , 3D.. ?? Plz. help me out guys?
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    ati has 3d support, physx is a gimmick, the only reason ati cards cant do physx is because nvidia wont let them. Physx is used in very few games sso i wouldnt count it as a deciding factor. Each brand has a card that is good value in a perticular price range.
  2. I Recommend Nvidia because it can be OC higher than Radeon Video Cards and plus, the GTx 570 is better than Radeon 6970 so if you can OC the GTx 570, it'll be faster and better as Radeon can do that or not as high and probably 10-20MHz awhile Nvidia does 50-100MHz(or more)
  3. Quote:

    and that is based on what?
    my 6950 can easily hit 900mhz and match a HD6970 or GTX 570.

    Op hasn't stated clearly what kind of budget he has
    what kind of system he has,
    what resolution is his screen and what game will he play

    sorry ! i didn't state my PC specs.. I have a i7-2600K,asus Z68 v-pro, corsair GB ddr3,corsair 650W(PSU), asus ML239H, cooler master cabinet 690 II advanced.... i wanted to play games,Movies at full HD. hav a budget of abt $450..4 a graphic card..
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  5. why dont you go for a pair of 6850s for about 400$ (ebay india)?
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