Buying a computer for future upgrading possibilites

I was wonder if buying this PC would be a good idea if I intend to upgrade it into a decent gaming computer in the future.

I'm not too good with how the tech specs work and everything, so I'm a bit shaky on how easy it would be to change out the things needed to do decently on upcoming games such as The Old Republic and what-not.
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  1. All you should have to do to make it a gamer is upgrade the video card (assuming the power supply is good enough)
    That being seems to that this pc is way over-priced. With shipping it is about $1200.00. After spending that much you then have to turn around and spend another 150-250 to turn it into a good gaming rig. For that much money you could get a lot better gaming set up
  2. That is a very poor and overpriced for a gaming computer.

    6 core amd cpu's do not game well and there is no real good upgrade in sight.

    Look for a 2500K based pc, or better yet, build your own.

    Here is an example of a tom's $1000 gaming build:,review-32279.html
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