Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3 or MSI B75MA-E33 ?

I'll use the ivy bridge i3-3220 cpu, Galaxy GTX 650Ti gpu, 4gbs ddr3 ram, 500w psu & 500gb barracuda hdd.

The msi board is about 60 bucks while the gigabyte is around 70ish dollars, I don't need additional ram slots, pci-e slots or any extra usb 3.0/sata3.0 so both will work fine for me.

The reason Im asking is because I've used gigabyte before but I don't have any experience with msi, but the msi board is cheaper and seems to have the same features I need.

Want to hear a more knowledgeable opinion.
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  1. Some folks believe gigabyte is more durable; but I had better luck with msi's rma process. Read the newegg reviews and decide for yourself.
  2. I've read the reviews of the MSI B75MA-E33 in both amazon & newegg but I can't seem to find any of the GA-B75M-HD3
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