Need help with graphiccard - What should I buy?

This is the computer I got:

CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9300 2,5GHz,6MB,1333MHz,S775

I'm going to buy a new graphiccard because I want to be able to play BF3 with decent graphic. I dont need the highest graphic-settings.

What graphiccard do you think would be good for my computer? I dont want to spend more than $300. :)
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  1. GTX 560 Ti SOC from gigabyte windforce 2x with 10cm dual fans is good~
  2. I would suggest you to go for Ati radeon HD6950 1GB:
    Check this out.

    Have fun..!
  3. For a bit cheaper than the 560 Ti (which is a very good card) a Sapphire 6950 2 Gb Dirt 3 Edition, if you can find it is an option. The 560 is only about 4-5% faster and perhaps research reviews for the cards becuase some run loud and hot.

    I use Sapphire ATI Vapor-X and they are super quiet and never overheat even when Eyefinity gaming or running the CPU at 95% for video editting with GPU accelerated processing.
  4. darreng101 said:
    We think alike Chirag, but for that price he might get the 2Gb card

    Yes sure we do..! ;-)
    Actually I try to bring more juice out if it comes to budget. Thats what we are supposed to suggest to all the people..!!
  5. Chirag Borawake said:
    Yes sure we do..! ;-)
    Actually I try to bring more juice out if it comes to budget. Thats what we are supposed to suggest to all the people..!!

    Agree completely lol:)

    For the extra $30 odd dollars I'd go the 2Gb card and it will last for 2-3 years, not saying the 1 Gb wouldn't either, they are great cards, my 5850 Vapor-X runs 5760x1080 really well at mid/high settings, I'd love to get a pair of 6970's but at $720 the performance isn't worth it.

    -----> waiting for the new release ATI cards :) can't wait
  6. One thing that I hate about 2GB cards:
    I have GTX 460 1GB,
    the same week, my friend bought ZOTAC GTX 460 AMP edition 2GB.

    And the thing is, mine performs a lot better than his.
    So i didn't suggest him 2GB.
    He wont even able to use the 2GB of memory, unless he uses it for prefessional purpose (3d modeling/rendering/video editing)
    For gaming, I think 2GB is useless for this generation..!
  7. Never heard of ZOTAC, sounds like a 500W PSU that burns out at 200W:) , if someone went Sapphire 2Gb they would have the confidence of them being the top ATI card manufacturer.

    Perhaps you're right thought as I just installed a second card, a Sapphire 5450 1Gb DDR3 card to run a 4th screen and at 1080 via HDMI it is smooth. It cost me $30! so specs don't always count.

    I also run Autodesk 3DS Max and ArchiCAD BIM with a little Cyberlink PowerDirector so perhaps I'm biased over 2Gb, althought you are wrong again because my work machine runs way better with a Fire Pro Card with 512 Mb as the gaming cards don't handle the accuracy needed in inferface for CAD etc that a Pro Card does
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