Hello, I want to buy a new graphic card but i don't know which one is

Hello, I want to buy a new graphic card but i don't know which one is better: EVGA 9800GT 1GB or EVGA GT 520 2GB
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  1. What are you planning to do? And what's your screen resolution? And what's the rest of your build?
  2. What's the rest of your build too?
  3. My screen resolution is 1440 x 900
    My PC specs are as follows:
    CPU : AMD Athon II X2 245 (2.91 GHz)
    RAM : 4.00 GB ddr2
    Motherboard : Gigabyte M68M-S2P
  4. and i need it for gaming purposes
  5. its not a question of what he is using it for, the 9800gt blows the gt520 into the water and beyond. the gt520t is not a gaming card.
  6. choose another card e.g. 4870, 5850 or 6850.
  7. Your CPU will bottleneck any significantly powerful GPU, but a HD5670, HD6670, or even a HD6770 would be decent choices.
    Did you build this machine, or is it a pre-built? Any meaningful suggestion on what GPU to buy will depend on the answers to some questions:
    1. What is the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU?
    2. What is the size of your case? Standard ATX, or some kind of narrow case; i.e. does the GPU have to be low-profile?
    3. What is your total budget?
    Many 300W PSUs are able to run a HD5670, but some are not.
  8. my psu wattage is 450W
  9. @samuelspark
    the question is so simple for us to answer that. you should'nt have asked too many questions. as you can see, he doesnt know what's the better choice, a 9800gt or a gt520, meaning he's somewhat noobie about specs, then you will ask him to specify his full specs?

    but i really understood why you asked those questions, but sometimes there are questions that aren't worth mentioning. we must use our brain not our head all the time.

    9800gt all the way. its like comparing samson & goliath physically. not mentally.=D
  10. Another question : Which graphics card is better among these- (GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD6670 1 GB DDR3),(XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 1 GB DDR5) or (EVGA GeForce 9800 GT 1GB DDR3)
  11. I also want to know if my PC can support these cards
  12. 5670 will be much better than 6670 bcoz it uses ddr5, & it consumes 61watts only @ peak performance so you'll be safe if you only use generic 500watts psu & save more on electricity compare to 9800gt w/c draws 105watts plus it need a 6pin power connector & generates more heat. & good thing about this is that 5670 ddr5 & 9800gt is somewhat the same in performance & has a directx11 w/c 9800gt only has dx10 only. & the 5670 has an eye-finity feature w/c you could use your two other spare monitors and set those 3monitors as one.=D

    & 9800gt is a renamed version of 8800gt. & 8800gt is a 4yr+ old technology
  13. So I will go for the 5670.Thank you indianjoke. My only concern is whether i will be able to install the graphic and will it work.
  14. 5670 "ddr5" version.
    or just add another $5 then you could get an hd6670 "ddr5" which will give you another 10-15% edge in performance.

    the 6670 is the superioir among the three you mentioned. but the 6670 you mentioned earlier is the ddr3 version that's why i recommend getting a 5670 ddr5 than 6670 ddr3.

    i hope that i addressed my statement properly & help you on your journey.=D

    might as well check for the "HIS" brand.=D i personally recommend it if you could get it at the same price, if its price is lower then good.
  15. didn;t HIS go out of business and aren't accepting warranties anymore?
  16. mine (HIS hd5750) still has a remaining 5mos shop wrty plus another 2yr distributor's wrty.

    im talking about HIS brand , not the one who's like HERS in female form.=D lol
  17. Will it be easy to install the graphics card and will i have to buy anything other than the graphics card
  18. if you're using an old generic 350w psu the your monitor is plugged into that, then you might have problem with that.

    if you're using a tru-rated (the one that doesnt have power slot for monitor) 500w generic psu (not well-known brand), it will do the job also.

    if you're using a tru-rated "branded" (corsair, coolermaster, ttake, fsp, antec, & the like) 400w psu, then you're good with that.
  19. sorry, what do you mean by "tru-rated" ive never heard of that brand before... but your system will most likely be fine with the current PSU if you grab the 5670, it only uses about 75watts, your cpu lets assume 125 since im to lazy to google it, so that 200w +hdds & opticals lets assume about 250, so if you have say a 350+ id say you'll be in good shape

    note, that is with a trusted psu manufacterer like corsair, antec, etc... you could always just pickup a new one to be extra sure :)

    but if you do end up buying a new one i would grab one with a higher wattage so you dont have to replace that if you wanna upgrade your gpu to say a 6850 or something
  20. tru-rated is not a brand, its a type of psu.
    tru-rated psu are the one that "doesnt" have a power slot for monitor. remember the old days of psu way back then when we usually insert the monitor's plug at the back of our computer through psu instead of plugging it independently to an avr or into wall outlet? those are not tru-rated psu.

    can you see corsair built psu like that nowadays? the one with a power slot for monitor?
  21. sorry :) that must have been before my time 0.0 i ahve an old crt but it doesnt plug into the psu lol... when were those made again?
  22. if your old crt doesnt plugged into psu, then its a matter of choice where you want to plug it in & maybe your psu back then is already tru-rated that's why. it does require a male & female powercord to plug a monitor's power connector through psu. im a computer technician & experienced this situation alot before
  23. haha, i really dont know what you mean by (your monitor plugged into the back of your psu) did those old models have 1 input and 1 output plug or 2 inputs... got any pictures? lol
  24. see, you did know it. its 1input & 1output. the output is for the monitor whether its old or late models you could use it. trying to act like dumb & making fun of others?

    so in that way you'r e smart? you're not helping. you're just making things scrambbled. make another thread then ask there what is tru-rated psu that way you gain more & more infos
  25. "trying to act like dumb & making fun of others?" yes, i am totally acting dumb to get my post count higher -.-, i also don't like people calling me dumb, so sorry if this post gets a bit stand-offish

    i have tried googling a "tru-rated" psu, spelling it correctly etc, i found no useful info :(

    i also did a picture search... still nothin...

    not saying there isnt one of these in existance but i have never heard nor seen one, nor do i see the usefull ness of making such a product, surely a surge protecter / extension cord would do the trick if you are really that strapped on wall outlets

    (unless im completely misunderstanding the concept)

    also i see no fault in going a bit off topic to help people learn since the OPs question has been answered with accurate info
  26. this is for you you dumb@$$ premature

    and here's the sample of a "non" true rated psu that im talking bout

    i think you are lacked on nutrients when you're still a baby that's why your brain aint full developed. go to your mama and do some milking, its nutritious, while bunjee jumping with it. lmfao!=D then sway with it... lolololol hahaha
  27. The graphics card requires PCI-express 2.1. Will that be a problem if I have a Gigabyte M68M-S2P motherboard?
  28. Indianjoke, please stop trolling.
    I've never heard the term "tru-rated" for PSUs in reference to whether or not they had a monitor power connector. "Tru-rated" sounds like a marketing claim, that might be used for a PSU that is actually capable of outputting what is on its label. Quality brands like Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, XFX, and Enermax/LEPA are almost always UNDERrated, and can output MORE than what's on their label, and/or at higher temperatures. Cheap generic PSUs (I call them PSU-shaped objects, or "Chokemax") and brands like Logisys, Apevia, Coolmax, Diablotek, Powmax, and Raidmax, and many Coolermaster), are overrated junk that is good for 50%-75% of what is on their labels, and that often not cleanly or efficiently.
    It has been many years since PSUs had monitor power connectors. The original IBM PC and AT PSUs had that, but I don't remember when I last saw one.
    Oh look, here are two: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007657+600014008&QksAutoSuggestion=&ShowDeactivatedMark=False&Configurator=&IsNodeId=1&Subcategory=58&description=&Ntk=&CFG=&SpeTabStoreType=&AdvancedSearch=1&srchInDesc=
    ...imminently unsuitable for use on a modern PC; they are AT standard, not ATX.
  29. Yeah that mobo will work fine with that video card, even if you did have a 1.1 board it would still work, the only time it might not is when you have a 1.0 mobo, but if the board was manufacturerd in the last 5-6 years then you will be fine :)
  30. Quote:
    IS this your motherboard?
    if so, it will run just fine.

    There are no motherboard out there that has PCI-E 2.1, they're either 1.0 or 1.1 or 2.0 or 3.0

    2.1 card should work flawlessly on ur mobo

    Yes that is my motherboard. Thank you for your answer. It was really helpful.
  31. if you really are not satisfied about pcie versions, then you're stuck on 9800gt (if you're psu can handle it). or might as well buy the gt240, it doesn't requires a 6pin power connector but has the speed the same as 9600gt.

    i think a read an article before saying that if you're using pcie 1.1, its just fine if you put a graphics card that is pcie 2.1. BUT you only get the bandwidth that pcie 1.1 could only deliver. u get what i mean?
  32. a comment which is a 10 months old isnt fairly new. realize that.
    and an am3 socket mobo isnt new either. and TS's mobo is an am2+ mobo.
    brain should always be used than our head.

    ths TS bragged about the PCI-e 2.1 of HD5670, that's why i assumed that his mobo maybe is a PCI-e 1.1 or 2.0. so worst to worst case scenario, i just expalined something i know about the compatibility of the PCI-e's are.
  33. 10 months is not a long time to have a mobo, my mobo can probably last 2 more years and its an AM2+ DDR2 mobo

    aaanywho, yeah bro, dont apologize for giving info, and as long as its correct (it was) its completely fine and helpful :)
  34. mobo that is running for already 10months aint a long time, BUT ITS NOT or you can't call it fairly new anymore.

    and the "10 months" issue hear is a "comment" of someone about TS's mobo on newegg. is a 10month old "comment" fairly new either?

    btw TS, you cant go wrong with hd5670 nor hd6670 if you're too problematic about your psu bcoz they both dont use any 6pin power connector.

    using an hd5670 is like using a 9800gt w/o using a 6pin power connector & less power draw ( i mentioned this before). & getting a hd6670 is the top choice.

    NOTE: look for the DDR5 or GDDR5 version. not the ddr3 ones. aight TS?
  35. double check your first statement. the ten year old that we are talking bout here is the last comment of someone there in newegg. YOU DID NOT said that the mobo was "manufatured" way back 2010. i use the word "10 months ago" because way back 10 months ago was the last month of 2010 which is december. i didnt checked the TS's mobo on newegg even the comments.

    <quote>The motherboard is fairly new, newest comment I can find about it on newegg is from 2010</quote>

    of course i have the reputation & the right to talk & say anything under the sun and about your statement flaws that i noticed.
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