Couple easy RAM questions

what is the difference between CL=2 and CL=3 and what exactly is it? and what is the difference between 7.5 and 8ns and what exactly is it? Also which is better for both of these two questions.
Also, I heard 'get the best ram'. So can someone tell me what to look for? I dont mean brand, but specs. IE lifetime warrantly, ns, cl, etc... I know I want PC133 and not 100.
Also I have decided not to wait for the DDR supporting motherboards (for AMD Tbirds) and just to go ahead and get the KT7A Raid. Is this is a bad choice? How much performance will I lose by not waiting for DDR ram? What do you guys think.
And, also, if i was to wait, how long would I be waiting and how much more would the DDR ram and motherboard cost?
Also, is ordering RAM online from, say, crucial a good move, and would you recommend ordering online over buying at the store? Do you save alot/get better RAM for cheaper by ordering online?

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  1. CL2 parts process data a little quicker than CL3 parts in that you have to wait one less clock cycle for the initial data. However, after the first piece of data is processed, the rest of the data is processed at equal speeds. Latency only affects the initial burst of data. Once data starts flowing, there is no effect. Bear in mind, a clock cycle for a PC100 module is 10 nanoseconds so you probably won't notice a significant performance difference. Most systems will accept either latency part. However, there are some systems that require either CL2 or CL3 parts.

    8.0ns (8-nanosecond) parts are PC100 compliant and are designed for use with a 100MHz front side bus. Our 7.5ns parts are PC133 compliant and are designed for use with a 133MHz front side bus.

    You can use PC133 modules with a 100MHz front side bus and vice versa. However, keep in mind that your memory will only be as fast as the slowest "link" in the system. If you install PC133 modules with a 100MHz front side bus or PC100 modules with a 133MHz front side bus, your memory will only run at 100MHz.

    Also about the DDR I am not sure where you are looking but I bought 7 DDR mobo's asus a7m 266 today. I bought PC 2100 DDR RAM from Samsung . Although I had 1 system where I put PC 1600 from crucial and it works great. I have used curcial memory on all my systems before and they are the only memory I really recomend. Although they don't produce PC 2100 so I had to go with a competitor.

    Also crucial online store has good prices and there customer service is A++ highly recomend it.
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  3. The last reply was very complete, but for your reading pleasure check out Kingstons ultimate memory guide.
  4. WOW 7 motherboards? What ya need that many for? Anyway you said they were the new Asus A7M266 motherboards, would you mind letting me know how they perform and what you specifically installed on them? I plan on building one with a T-Bird 1200 and PC2100 as soon as Crucial releases there sticks. Well thx if ya can and np if ya can't.
  5. Any chance you could let us in on Kingston's address?

    Please, if you are going to tell somebody to check out an address, include the address in your note (I tried and got no response).
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