Microsoft wireless mouse problem left click button have to click a lot for it to

left click button on wireless mouse,( microsoft) have to click it a lot for it to work, very annoying, have put in new batteries, tried resetting it and it still doesn't work right. Don't want to go back to regular mouse and keyboard, trying to get away from all the wires..........can you you help me. Thank you, Linda Young,
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  1. please dont post your name and email address as its just asking to get spammed

    this is a common problem with the little copper spring in the microswitch inside the mouse and unless you can take it apart and have very good eyesight and a steady hand its a real pain to bend it a tiny bit and put it back in
  2. Never post your real name and email address on an open international forum unless you like things like spam or even identity theft.

    Sounds to me like you may have a broken mouse. Or you are too far away from the receiver. If you are more than a few feet away from the part that plugs into the computer it might not work correctly. Also I hate Microsoft mice. They do alot right but in my opinion their mice stink. I like Logitech myself.
  3. if the right click and scroll wheel work ok and the mouse moves ok without freezing or stuttering then the

    receiver/transmitter is ok and its going to be the fault i already mentioned

    even logitech mice fall to this--just had to replace my favourite mouse ever the logitech g7 because of this as my

    eyesight wasnt good enough and my clumsy big fingers couldnt fit the little copper spring back in--its only mm

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