NVidia GTX 560 Ti, display drivers errors...

I recently built my current system, which you can see here:

And a direct link to my card is here:

I keep running into errors where my display driver crashes. I have my larger monitor connected to my GTX 560 Ti, and my second monitor runs from the built-in graphics. I'm not sure what causes the error, because it is not consistent at all. Sometimes it happens when I am playing games, sometimes when I am chatting on Facebook, and sometimes when I am not even at the computer at all. I am not currently overclocking the card. I was at first, but I stopped because of the error. That did not seem to help at all.

It also does not appear to be an overheating issue. I monitor the temperature of my processor and my GPU. I do notice that after the error, my Core Temp application errors out and shows all of my cores running at 98 degrees. But when I open the application, they show in yellow and have a ? beside them (indicating maybe the software isn't able to record the temperatures).

I'm wondering if it may be a PSU issue. I felt like my PSU would be enough to run my system, but so far I haven't been able to continually run my overclock at speeds that others are getting, and I continue to have these issues with my card.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. How about you try to connect the second display to the second DVI/HDMI port on your 560Ti? It could be a PSU issue, but getting 98 degree on your cores is something not safe, at all! You have a good build, I would try to use another GPU, maybe an old GPU lying around, just to be sure its not a faulty PCIe itself. I have had an issue with a faulty PCIe where the GPU readings like temps, fan RPM would not show up, so that can be start.
  2. I have Gygabyte GTX 560 TI also and have been able to fix it. It's stable with NVIDIA 290.53 but I've also installed EVGA Precision to change a few settings and control the fan. Core Clock = 822, Shader Clock = 1644, Memory Clock = 1900, I keep fan at 85 for MW3 and BF3.

    Alan S.
  3. I suggest against reducing clocks on your cards, it will just mean you paid for overclock and not using it. If it's not working correctly and you know it's gpu fault, you should RMA.
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