Crossfire 5770's still a good choice?

my specs

Msi 790xt-g45
3gb ddr2 Ram 800mhz
1 Ati 5770
Amd Phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz
650w antec Psu

if i upgrade to another 5770 will that still be a good choice, with the 6xxx series out and rumor of the 7xxx i just wasnt sure if cf 5770 still has power.

will i be bottlenecked? the CPU can be OC to 3.68
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  1. What resolution are you gaming at? For many users/applications/games 2 CFed 5770s perform very well.

    Also depends on what games you are playing....
  2. PII x4 955 & hd5770 is a very good combo for gaming that wont break your piggy bank. more than enough for a not-hardcore gaming @ 1680@1050 res. but 6770 is just $10 away. could max out COD black ops.

    take note, i only use PII x4 925 @ stock, but yours is a 955 b.e.=D well you could gain even more fps than me being contented w/ this cpu-gpu combo.
  3. Personally I have never liked the card and 2 of then even less so as I am of the single card is always better mind set.
    My preferred option on upgrading that card would probably be to get a single 6870, which i believe would perform a little better and certainly more consistently than a pair of 5770's in crossfire.
    Also consider that AMD have a habit of dropping full driver support for older cards like a hot rock when a new arch is released. With the new cards due out next year and the top end reported to use a different Arch its not going to be a big window for full support and game profiles.

    Mactronix :)
  4. oh the topic said its "5770 crossfire"..
    im sorry, i thought he only meant 5770 (single).

    maybe he already has a 5770 & planning on adding another one, & 5770 nowadays are lot cheaper than when it first launched, & you could really get a lot cheaper 5770 if is 2nd hand.=D

    so if he could do xfire, then why not, its still decent, & if thats the only choice.
    but a single much powerful card will always be better on every aspect.
  5. yes i already have one 5770 and im gaming mostly at 1680x1050

    however i have an eyefinity setup that i occasionally use, how would cf 5770's go at 3840x1024?

    i play basically every game, however iv noticed with newer games my computer just cant handle it anymore on high. Witcher 2 specifically at 1680* maxed out will barely run. i also want to max out Red Orchestra 2, Fear 3. and of course the upcoming battlefield 3.

    keep in mind i mean max out at 1680*. i understand with the eyefinity setup i would need alot more power, but i do want to play games decently with that as well.
  6. might as well check the toms' charts, forums, & articles about 5770 cf. & might as well check the other sites.

    well my self orientation about the 5770 CF (although i hvnt tried it in CF) is that the 5770 (single) is only a mid range yet decent card for gaming at 1680x1080 res that wont break your piggy bank. setting in on eye-finity mode plus maxing out games nowadays isnt the assigned job for 5770.

    and here's the hint, sli or crossfire doesn't mean you're "doubling" your cards performance.
  7. do you think its still worth it to invest in another 5770 or should i just move on the the newer cards?
  8. but first, what faster card do you have in mind?
    second, the budget?
  9. well basically i can sell my 5770 for around 100$. and then add another 100$ for a new card and buy something for 200$. or i can get another 5770 for around 80-100$

    im not too familiar with the newer 6xxx series and performance, and i cant find any benchmarks matching cf 5770 against the 6xxx series cards.

    i suppose it would come down to a 6870. thats the highest under 200 correct?
  10. this might be helpful as reference for 5770 CF setup.,2446-7.html,2446-7.html

    well, that's a really good budget to buy a new one that 5770 CF i think.
    might consider gtx 560 as well. i read a lot that the 6870 is a terrible buy, & i dont know why, but i think its still a good choice. lets wait for the others to leave their comments.=D

    both are good really, but the 560 is better at tesselation performance and has PhysX, both have about the same power requriments as well, going with either will be a good choice, though now u can get the 5870 for really cheap they have it for 199 on newegg last time i checked, so its whatever is cheaper, but if its only 10 i say go ahed with the 560, also it has big room for overclocking as well.

    you may consider HD6950 also, its better than both of them. The people suggesting Physx have not mentioned the huge dip in frames if you'll use the Physx in GTX 560. So it's upto you what you want. you may want to look for sapphire brand, they are lot cheaper than the others.
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