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Need buying advice, gaming mouse for ~$30

hey guys, was hoping u ppl could help me out...

so basically im looking to buy a gaming mouse and i have zero knowledge when it comes to gaming accessories... any ways i dont do FPS gaming, only do RTS games, and games like LEague of legends, dota, etc... so I THINK i dont need extraordinary high dpi, but more customizable buttons (again i think, cause ive never really had a proper gaming mouse before :{.... )

so basically first of all im not even sure if a gaming mouse is necessary.. will it make much of a difference ? right now im using a cheap ass ancient white microsoft mouse?

any ways, so if a gaming mouse really does make a resonable difference, then the question is how much money should i spend.. im hoping to spend $30, and it dosent have to be brand new (although it rather it was).. and plus, how safe is it to buy a second hand mouse? like what is the likely hood of a fault.. ive bought gaming consoles and cell phones second hand and those seem to be last when bought from ebay, etc, but dont know about mouse..

so anyways, suggestions and info would be great..thanks..
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  1. Hi. What brand would you prefer?
  2. COOLER MASTER CM Storm Xornet SGM-2001-BLON1 Black 5 Mouse Buttons + 2 Fix Function Buttons 30$
    GIGABYTE GM-M6900 Black 25$
    GIGABYTE GM-M6980 Black 30$
    Raptor-Gaming 000RAPLM2 Black 6 Buttons 30$
    Read some customers reviews and choose one.
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    Do you have a gaming keyboard? I don't think a mouse is really worth it since I have a gaming keyboard and all my EVE macros are on there. If you in fact do have a gaming keyboard, get the Corsair M60, it's a little over 30 (45ish) but it's worth it if you really want a gaming mouse. If you wanted a keyboard for cheap, get the MS sidewinder X4.
  4. Ill recommend like @cyansnow Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard. Its not expensive and is verry for gaming. Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4
  5. thanks for the info, but before i make my decision i needed some info on what exactly a programmable mouse button and macros can do.. if the only thing u can do with them is program a keyboard key on the mouse, i dont really see much use for them.. but, for example, if you could program 2 or more operations on them they would be really useful for me.. my question is, is there a way to do so?

    what i mean is that for example, in DOTA or league of legends, u press a button , say "q" to select a spell, and then click at target to cast it.. can u set a programmable button such that it does those two operations together, like u just click a target with the programmable mouse button and it does the 'pressing the q and clicking' ?

    as for the keyboard, well i dont ahve a gaming keyboard cause i do gaming on my laptop, and im not sure where exactly id put a gaming keyboard :/.. also, u were talking about macros on the keyboard.. what exactly can these macros do?
  6. I use a Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0, and it is right in your price range. Its an amazing mouse, and in addition to right and left click, there are 5 more mouse buttons that I use to keybind in Star Wars: The old republic. It is a VERY popular mouse with gamers.

    And to me, its a plus that it just looks like a normal mouse, not some hideous "gaming" contraption.
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