Psu question

im building a rig and newegg has a great deal on 650w psu, the question is will it supply enough power for my system.

990fx sabertooth mobo
1100T x6 amd cpu 125w
dual gpus, not sure yet i believe two 460s? running 3 monitors..
16 gb ram

not sure if any of this helps but just let me know, ask me if i missed something that will effect the wattage

also, can ssd be placed in raid? i can get 2 60 gb ssd for pretty cheap, but if one 60 gb would be fine to store windows/autocad/photoshop and maybe future apps then ill get 60gb
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  1. 1) A quality 650w psu will run a single card as good as a GTX580. When you get into sli, I don't think it will run two of anything you want.
    The wattage you need is mostly determined by the graphics configuration, the rest does not vary much and is assumed in most psu recomendations.

    2) For what it is worth, the X6 cpu's are not great gamers. They are good for multi core enabled apps.

    3) A SSD can be placed in raid. Today, it will not recieve the trim command, at least on Intel chipsets, don't know about amd That can impact update performance. It is somewhat of a moot point since the benefits of raid-0 show up in synthetic benchmarks, but not real app performance. I think you would be better off to use one 60gb drive for the os, and a second for apps and whatever.
  2. yeah i most likely wont game much, mostly just school work/high end apps such as autocad,photoshop with high res pictures and such..

    but okay, i can get my hands on a 1gb 256bit GPU for like $220 with 2 hdmi/2 dvi ports.. most likely will run 2 if not 3 monitors. ill prolly just stick to one gpu cause the sale on the 650w psu is off sale now so ill prolly get 750w one for like $100

    thanks for the input.
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