Antec 902 V3 + Hyper 212 Plus will it fit?

I am starting a new build.

CPU -2500k
CPU Cooler -Hyper 212 Plus
Case - Antec 902 V3
GPU - HIS Turbo 6950 2gb
Ram - 8gb Gskill LV

I want to know if the Hyper 212 Plus will fit in this case if i put a 120mm Fan on the side of the case where the slot is?
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  1. It will not (without some modding).

    According to a review of the case on Newegg (4th review on Page 4), the user was unable to fit a CM Hyper 212 EVO unless he cut off a piece of the side fan.
  2. You really don't need it with that case. You may get a 1-2C temp drop on your GPU by adding a side-mounted fan, but having (2) intake fans up front combined with rear and top mounted exhaust fans will provide all sufficient airflow for your PC. A side-mounted fan would be highly recommended in a situation where you only had 1 intake and 1 exhaust. For a detailed study on fan placement and impact on cooling you should read this article:
  3. Have that case with a 160mm tall cooler = side fan won't fit.
    I used the hdd mount bracket for a 120mm = directly infront of gpu.
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