Dell Dimension 8300

hello i have a pc Dell Dimension 8300 it works so good but it freezes and i need to make force restart
i fixed this i changed graphic card and no problem now but it doesn't start in first time

for except...i shutdown it in night when i try to start it in morning i need to unplug sometimes from electric power for pc to start any suggestion for this help me thanks for any answer
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  1. Updating your bios might fix this. So if you do not unplug and replug it doesnot start at all?
  2. i updated bios from AO4 version to A07
  3. What happens if you do not unplug and replug the power cord?
  4. it doesn't start there are lights on motherboard but it doesn't start
  5. Is XMP enabled on your bios?
  6. no xmp in my bios man
  7. When did the problem start? Any change in hardware, or software? Try resetting the bios and setting the ram frequency and timings manually.
  8. i have the pc since 2 years and now 2 months ago problem started no software changed i changed graphics card because it was crashed and changed hdd for test but it wa the same ...
    how to reset bios and setting of ram frequency
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