First Time Build (Case difficulty)

I already am pretty set in stone on the components, i5 2500k, GTX 560Ti, 8g of Ripjaws, 750w PSU, ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68, 212+ Heatsink.

My main question would be, what kind of cases would be recommended? I'm spending most of my budget on the parts, looking to spend <$100 on the case, but don't want something that will look too plain, but I also want something that will have enough real estate fan wise.

As a small, less important question, with those parts in mind, how much wattage in a PSU would be needed to be safe in case of overclock and expansion of RAM.
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  1. Your 750 is more than enough for OC.
  2. Cases are a personal thing. Get one you love, and spend more if you have to.
    You will be looking at it every day. Anything with two 120mm intake or exhaust fans will do the job for cooling.

    A perennial favorite is the Antec 300 illusion for $70 with free shipping 2600+ buyers can't be too wrong:

    Ram and overclocking take a minimal extra out of a psu. It is the graphics that is the big variable.
    For most users, a GTX560Ti needs 500w with 30a on the 12v rails plus two 6-pin PCI-E power leads.
    It is not wrong to overprovision a bit with 650w or so.
  3. your 750 watt is enough to add a second graphics card , so if you wont do that then only get a 650 watt , or even a 550 watt .

    Good budget gaming cases
    Antec 300 , or 300 illusion
    Coolermaster HAF [ with a few more fans added ]
    and about 800 other choices
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