Gigabyte sniper m3 bios issue

I just got a gigabyte g1 sniper m3 motherboard. it runs fine, but i cant adjust the bus speed or core ratio. issue is, the cpu, a pentium g850, is running at 2.4 ghz, not 2.9 like it's supossed to. this is a interesting issue. i can highlight the cpu ratio, but cant adjust it. any ideas?
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  1. Interesting, Speed step enabled? Why match a $250 motherboard with that CPU?
  2. upgrading from a h61 build. speedstep isn't even an option in the bios. also, the clockrate is stuck at 2.8 ghz. it wont go down to 1.6 ghz for speedstep either....
    should also mention this is the micro atx version.
  3. could it just be an incompatibility between sandy bridge cpu and ivy bridge chipset? i've heard people complain that some MSI z77 boards cant overclock 2500k chips.....
  4. Might be since the BIOS should read the CPU right and use max multiplier on a locked chip.
  5. could the motherboard be defective somehow? i was planning on dropping a 2500k in here (can get one for $140) but if it wont work ill just get the 3570k.
  6. Well they are all on the CPU support list and if you can not get SB cpu to run right then it is a RMA case for the board
  7. well, looks like i have to disassemble my computer again......
    as a last resort, i'm going to try updating the bios, see if that fixes it.
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