Looking for a case and fans for: intel i7 2600 and asus z68


I previously posted in here to build a system. I have increased my budget a bit. POST:

I have decided to go with a
1) ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z - LGA 1155
2) Intel Core i7-2600K CPU

that is all so far that I have selected. I'm going to be looking into video cards, for now it will be a low-budget video card. However, in the future, I do plan to have 2 mid or high-end video cards in there. also more memory (while for now I will place the min that I need)

As I continue gathering the specs , I would like you to recommend me a good case. That is quiet. Mid-tower is fine. something that looks nice but it doesn't kill me with my budget. I was suggested one in my previous post .
I think my budget is at most 100 dollars. maybe +/- 20... However, if I can spend 50 or 60.. it is nice...
I sow this two cases that looks nice with the NVIDIA logo in amazon and another which I'm linking below:




Also, do I need to buy the fan for the CPU or does it comes with it ?
Do I need to buy additional fans?

An additional goal is to keep heat at minimum if possible. I live in Miami, FL USA and during summer it gets HOT. So like in any room with computers, gets hotter. So, then I will start fighting with my future wife (which I'm getting married dec 16) about the AC.

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  1. Please help me with the cases... it doesn't have be the cases I picked.
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    The haf 922 is a great case in that range that has my vote!
  3. What I need help is choosing a good case for the components that I have, the the power supply will work and that will be quiet. having two power supply it is a + if is a good price. I want it to be very quiet. That's important and to contain the heat if possible. I'm willing to go up in budget if necessary. Please help me with this. I can't move on until I pick a good case.
    please let me know if I should had pick a different forum, but I think systems was the best one for this one.
    thank you so much!
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