Upgrading Power Supply for future SLI Budget $100-$150USD

Hi everyone,

This is my current rig.

CPU: AMD Phenome II x4 965
Mobo: MIS 880G-E45
RAM: 8GB ADATA 1333 (4x2Gb)
SSD: OCZ Agility 3 60Gb
HDD: Hitachi 500Gb, Western Digital 250Gb
Case: Coolermaster Storm Scout

Power Supply: Kingwin MK-650

Here is my current situation:
I put this rig together last summer for a cheap gaming rig. I got all the parts from my local Microcenter. With all the deals that they had going on at the time i got all of these parts for under $600USD.

The problem that i am having is that over the last week or so the PSU is starting to make a loud ticking noise.

It sounds like the fan just got knocked or something. The noise did not bother me at much at first but in the last few days it has been getting much louder.

I have decided that rather than open the PSU up and try to fix or replace the fan, I am just going to get a new higher quality one.

I am also going to be upgrading in the next couple of months to the new 600 series Nvidia cards when they come out. Most likely the 660 or 660ti depending on the price. With eventually buying another one for SLI.

My question is what would be a good PSU for this kind of set up.
I need modular since my case is not extremely large and cable management with my current PSU is a nightmare. Fully modular would be preferable but not a necessity

Dose anyone have a suggestion for a quality PSU for a $100-$150 USD budget?

Thanks for any input!
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    this will do fine

    some other good value fully modular options are from silverstone
  2. I found this psu by Seasonic which is a good reliable manufacturer.
    80+ bronze
    sli ready

    Antec 750w 80+bronze, sli ready, not modular, $95

    Corsair 800w modular atx 80+ certified $120
  3. Thanks for the fast responses guys!

    I did some quick shopping last night and came up with the OCZ ZT 750 Watt

    I have heard that OCZ used to make crap PSU's but they have gotten better recently.

    Do you guys think that i should cough up the extra money for a Corsair, Antec, or Seasonic?

    Do you think 750 watts would be enough or should i get 850 unit?

    I am also thinking of upgrading to Ivy bridge within the year. Would you think that would have any impact on what I should choose?

    Sorry for all the questions, but i thought I knew enough when bought my current PSU and i just want a better one for my money this time :D
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    I read the reviews on newegg on the OCZ ZT 750w and a lot of people said its a pretty noisy psu and short cables. If your looking for a silent reliable psu I would recommend investing in a Corsair, Antec or SeaSonic. Im guessing the new 600 series Nvidia cards are going to need a larger power supply to run also.
  5. Thanks Ryan, you have made this much for me :)
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