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Frequently I cannot post comments to articles on this site. When I click on the "submit" button nothing happens. ABSOLUTELY nothing. Yes, I am logged in and yes, I have tried refreshing the page. Nothing works. This really discourages any comments at all let alone involved responses.
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  1. Try clicking the refresh button. That usually helps.
  2. I know, but this IS normally the fix.
  3. Anyone else having this problem?

    I'll pass this along to the devs.
  4. I too have run in to this problem. HOWEVER, after installing NoScript and blocking all the non needed cr@p scripts, I no longer get this problem.

    I'm running Fire Fox 3.7a5
  5. Yeah Im having this problem as well on the latest IE 9. While logged in I cant post comments on the front page articles.

    EDIT : Sorry just seen the other thread further down. I searched and came up with this one, didnt mean to ressurect this.
  6. No Problem,welcome to the forum!
  7. Thank you :)
  8. It doesn't work for me on IE9 but works on Firefox. lmao.
  9. Using IE9 and hit the submit button - Did absolutely nothing so I naturally hit it 20 more times out of disgust.
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