Hp dv6000 can't connect to att uverse wifi

Hey all, I have an HP dv6000 that has an atheros ar5007 b/g card built in, windows vista home premium, the system was recently restored to start fresh for a new user (my daughter).

The ethernet port on the side works fine to get online, the wifi is on and does find connections out there including our att uverse, it will connect to our library's and our community rooms free wifi, and to a neighbors unsecured connection as well, but no matter what I do I can't get it to connect to OUR att uverse!

I do know the passkey and its verified with all our other laptops, iphones, ps3 etc, i tried updating the wifi cards drivers from the hp site, i turned off the firewall, re-tried the passkey, its not erroring on that just won't connect.

There is this diagnose thing that does nothing, I have also reset the att uverse and restarted the laptop all same results.

Then I thought maybe windows updates were needed, so plugged in via ethernet cord did those restarted, still same thing (won't connect to our att) but strangely still does connect to other wifi so i am pretty sure its not a bad card inside the machine or anything.

Kinda driving me a bit batty here honestly, any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. is the uvers router set to N-only mode?
  2. I am guessing not since one of my laptops is an old hp 2003 era and I have an even older gateway model both of those can get on no problem with the wifi, just odd this one hp won't "connect"...

    I did go sign into my uverse thru the browser here seems all i set for wireless to be enabled, tried a different channel, but i don't see anywhere or anything that shows what mode the router is in or a selection to choose b g n or anything.
  3. when you installed the drivers for the wireless did the installation install another software? Make sure Windows controls the card and not the any other software.

    check you wireless network connection properties under the Wireless Networks tab is a check box "Use Windows to configure my network settings".
  4. this is too weird, i had this tiny usb wifi thing put in the drivers and THAT works 100% fine and fast, yet I still never did figure out why the built in wifi wouldn't connect...
  5. Hi and maybe this will help others -- you can search other posts to see the detail for the steps shown below:

    HP Pavillion DV9999us
    Microsoft Vista Home Premium SP2

    Issue: after reinstalling windows vista sp2 running on an at&t uverse network, the laptop does not access the Internet using wireless Network adapter. It worked on a friend's linksys network. Then they got att uverse and their wireless connectivity stopped working also.

    This led me to believe that there's an incompatibility between the uverse RG and wireless card; either it is a setting that needs to be adjusted in the residential gateway (rg) or the laptop.

    Steps to fix:
    - tried to re-load the then available wireless driver - no fix
    - Disabled ipv6 in the Wireless network card's properties and also registry - no fix
    - Ran the windsock fix for ipv4 and ipv6 - no fix
    - Download and ran the norton uninstall utility - no fix

    - 11/23/11: Downloaded newly available wireless card drivers from the hp website; it contains the 2011 version of the atheros 5700 bg wireless driver. rebooted and this seems to be the fix! Driver found at:

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