Final Build $850

My build so far.
Case Bitfenix Shinobi $75.00

CPU I5-2500K $229.00

MOBO Asrock Z68 Ext3 Gen3 $135.00

RAM G.skill ripjaws 8 gb $59.00

Graphics powercolor 6950 2gb $279.00

Fan Controller Scythe kaze $20.00

More fans Thermalright Xsilent 140mm $14.00

CPU cooler coolermaster 212 EVO $39.00

Total - $850

i am reusing my old PSU and don't know if it will be able to run all my components, it is a CM 650w
Will that be able to run this system?

also i am tempted to change the 6950 to a 560ti twin frozr because the powercolor is not able to be flashed to a 6970 and i think the 560ti will be quieter, which gpu is better out of the two? also i am only gaming at 1680x1050 res so i think the 6950 may be overkill, i will be playing games like MW3, BF3 and swtor

One last question, I will have 4 fans total when i buy this build so is the best setup for that case 2 front intake 1 top exhaust and 1 rear exhaust?

Thank you and please leave your own comments and suggestion for the build, i am buying from and i cannot go over $850 Australian.
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  1. Sorry, need to bump i need to know if my old 650w coolermaster will work with the new parts.
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