How can i remove the back plate from the 18dy1 motherboard?

ok so i have a lga 775 motherboard its a dell one 18dy1 it came with my inspiron 560 and i got a new cpu cooler but the problem is that i some how have to remove the back plate thats in the current motherboard but i don't know if its glued on from the back or from the front here is a picture of how it looks like from the back some ppl say use a blow dryer but im kind of scared of using one i think it my damage something even though its under heat all day from the cpu can someone help me????
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  1. Yeah, it's glued on. I had to separate one with a screwdriver, but you risk scratching the board. I would try the new heatsink with the old backplate and see if the pin latches will fit in the old plate.
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    Hi mate , I had a OEM motherboard with the backplate glued on. Best way is actually to rip it off , but do it slowly and carefully. If you want to make life easier , get a blow dryer and head up the area and move the dryer in circular even motions an dont posititon the dryer to blow in one area ( which could cause damage ) and when you heat it up just pry off the back plate with your hand. I had to do it and worked fine mate :)
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