What can cause DPC latency issues?

I've had a system that I build for a few years now and in the past year or two I've been having some bad DPC latency issues. It seems to happen in games, usually ones that stress the system a bit (though sometimes even simple games will set it off). Once the latency sets in, it seems to happen from then on until either the system blue screens or I reboot it.

The sound will start crackling and my mouse will start skipping periodically. I've monitored the system when this is happening with a DPC latency program and there is definitely something wrong. Systematically disabling certain devices in Device Manager has yielded nothing so far.

I submitted this problem to the Windows 7 forums at Microsoft but nothing came of it, even after submitting an event log.

So, my question is, what are the usual culprits for these sorts of issues?

CPU: Core i7 920
Motherboard: ASUS P6T
Video: EVGA GTX285OC
Memory: 6GB OCZ
Power: 850W
OS: Windows 7 64bit
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  1. I had DPC latency issues on my previous desktop. It was caused by sparks on a PCI eSATA port. As soon as I removed it the latency went away.
  2. I've disabled every device that's not a display adapter, system device, or sound card. I would like to disable the sound card, but it won't work unless I restart and if I restart the DPC issues will probably go away for a while and I'll be left with no sound.

    Any other ideas?
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