ATI 6970 Fan speed issue

For some reason my fan speed are always around 27-30% even when im gaming and the remperature reach 60+ it gets to a point where the whole PC freezes i dont know why but for some reason CCC thinks 70+ should be 30% is there anyway to fix this?
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  1. Don't know if you can adjust it with ccc, i thought so, but i can't rememeber. You can download something like msi afterburner or evga precission and make your own fanspeed curve settings. 60-70 is not that much btw and shouldn't make the system crash.
  2. You can set the speed manually in CCC -> Overdrive. 60-70 is nothing to be concerned with and really shouldn't be causing any issues.

    [Edit] correction you need to go CCC -> Performance -> Overdrive
  3. I know i can set it manually but itsjust a hassle doing it everytime, is there anyway to fix this issue. @robjordy it gets higher than that but i can't even see the temps beacause im in full screen but when i touch the care its super hot! No way to fix apart from setting manually?
  4. Could always swap out the cooler on it.... Open/Unlock the overclocking in CCC and set the fan, I just did because I upped the voltage in the bios...
  5. are you sure that the crashing is caused by your GPU?

    could be almost anything without some more info.

    temps look fine tho.
  6. It's gotta be the GPU beacause if i set the fan speeds to 80% and play bf3 it doesnt crash after awhile.. what else could it be? is there no software that can check the temps and increase the fan speed acordingly?

    i cant actually see the temps it gets to beacause it crashes with pixel lines
  7. Sapphire TRIXX will do it is quite easy to use.

    Is your system overclocked?

    I assume Win7?
    Right click My computer,
    Properties, Advanced System Settings
    Click the Advanced tab and startup & recovery button

    this will atleast give you a chance to write down the error code and we can find out from there.

    Have you tried updating your video card drivers?
  8. I have the same graphics card and had the same problem but solved it.

    It's very easy with Catalyst Control Center. In CCC go to Performance > AMD Overdrive, check Enable Manual Fan Control and set to 40 or 50% (50% if you want to play it safe and if your case is fairly well cooled already).

    That seems to be the golden ratio for keeping the gpu temperature stable and around 60C when the card is under 100% gpu load for me).
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