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I'm trying to help a friend setup a network in a new house.

He currently has a comcast modem and linksys wireless router connected in his office. In the laundry room is a metal box that is wired with cat5 and coax for the whole house.

My goal is to fill 4 or so cat5 connections along with a strong wifi signal.

I thought about picking up a wired linksys router and moving it along with the modem into the wall mounted metal box. I only have a limited understanding of networking but thought I could have one of the ports forwarded to his office where he could run his wireless router.

Is this a logical approach? If so does my router purchase need anything other than 4+ ports and the abiltiy to forward one of the those ports? If you have a router that is simple to work with that would be ideal.

Many thanks
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    Does he have separate network connections from the phone plugs in all the rooms? I would check and make sure that the cat 5 cable you see isn't being used for the phone connections.
    Most builders now are using network cable to run the phone lines.

    As for your setup, yes that would work. Modem and wired or wireless router in the main box. Run all the rooms off it. Connect wireless router in the office.

    As for what router, take your pick: Linksys, D-Link, Netgear will all do the job.
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