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PC Stopped Working After Driver Install? (NEED HELP ASAP!)


I recently put in a 9600gso graphics card into my computer. All was working perfect, but then I decided to install the driver from the included CD.
Once sucessfully installed, I rebooted my computer.

Now comes the problem:

Nothing works now. I boot up the computer, it gets power, all the fans come on. The keyboard doesnt work, the mouse doesn't work, and the monitor doesn't show anything.

I've rebooted, disconnected power, unplugged anything plugged into the computer, no luck.

What in the world happened?!
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    Well, this is odd. Can you still enter into BIOS? Or does it not even get that far?

    If not, attempt a CMOS reset. There are guides online everywhere, and its quite simple.

    Edit: Okay, I'm going to have to go one some assumptions here. For one, I'm assuming you are replacing the integrated graphics from your motherboard. If so, have you plugged in your monitor into the new gpu? If so, disconnect it and plug it back into the integrated graphics port. Boot into BIOS, and disable your integrated graphics. Save and exit. Disconnect the monitor and plug it back into the new GPU. Problem solved.

    If you hadn't connected the monitor into the new GPU slot, and you are having issue. Plug it into the new GPU slot.

    If you had already done all of the above, and still nothing, unplug the machine and conduct a CMOS reset. It'll take about 15 minutes, 14 of which is usually just waiting for all power to subside in the system to make sure it was truly reset. If that doesn't work, let us know.
  2. Second problem. This is assuming you are replacing an older or different brand (AKA, ATI with an nVidia) GPU. If this is the case, you needed to uninstall the old drivers from the system, and THEN install the new ones. Since you can't get video, I can't help you do this. Normally though, you would boot into safe mode to uninstall the graphic drivers.
  3. I attempted the CMOS reset and it didn't do anything.

    To test the motherboard, I removed all RAM sticks and booted the machine. No beeps or anything.

    All fans run, but the keyboard, mouse, and monitor do not power on.

    I'm assuming somehow the mobo fried. Could this have been caused by the 19" TV? Or was it a coincidence?
  4. Did you replace integrated graphics with a the dedicated card?
  5. I found the problem. The graphics card blew itself up. The fan was bad or something and messed it up.

    I got a new card and it works fine now. Thank you!
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