Corsair Domainator 1600 mhz Dual Channel

I can't tell if my memory is running at the correct speed. I changed the setting in my BIOS so that its X.M.P. but it still says the max bandwidth is 533 mhz. Why doesn't it change to 800 mhz even after I changed it to X.M.P.
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  1. Your card is running at correct speed. 533MHz is the speed the card is running when there is less load. If the load increases the speed will also increase to a maximum of 800MHz.
  2. It's correct. The first screenshot shows 800MHz which is half of 1600MHz. This is because it is DDR3 or Double Data Rate. Same with the second screeshot. The XMP-1600 profile (last column) is showing 800MHz which is correct.
  3. wait xttony if it says the frequency is 800.0 mhz all the time isn't it supposed to say that the max bandwidth is 800 all the time then?
  4. its not going to run at 800mhz all the time. Its a lot like cpu stepping, it will slow down to conserve power, and speed up only when the speed up is needed. its been like that for quite a while, most people just dont know about it because it isnt advertised or documented very well.
  5. Ah, I see. However, I still dont understand why my bandwidth NEVER EVER changes from 533. The frequency seems to always be at 800 mhz but the max bandwidth section never changes from 533. Does that part never change in the cpu z application?
  6. Here is a forum post from Hardware Canucks. Read the 4th post down and it should answer your question.
  7. I see alright thanks guys!
  8. Is it bad if my FSB : DRAM ratio is 1:6?
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