Need verification on these parts

I'm building my first gaming pc and I want to know if I chose this right. I am open to suggestions.


(yes I do have 60 dollars off of my Mobo from MicroCenter deals and the Mobo will be 80 bucks with MIR)

cpu cooler


Graphics card
(I might add a second one of these in about 7 months for crossfire)

Hard Drive:



power supply

OR this if i have money to spare

If I want to use SLI or crossfire in the future, do I have to buy a sli/crossfire ready psu?

I am going to order parts in 2-3 weeks. Since the case and psu are on a really great deal, should I buy them now? I want to verify and get good feedback before i confirm.

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  1. Everything looks good here. I would probably replace the 2gb hd 6950 to a 1gb 6950 instead. The 2gb 6950 is more of a luxury buy. You won't notice any real improvement unless you go beyond resolutions like 1920x1080. However, I don't think that vram doubles when you crossfire so this may be a good choice. It's really up to you. The corsair will work fine. Seasonic is awesome though.
  2. Should I buy the case and psu now?

    Also, idk if I will crossfire, there was something about micro-shuttering with the 6950. So if i were to crossfire that 6950 1gb is a better buy?

    How much more improvement will I feel if I go up to a gtx 570? I suppose can take money out of the case budget and add 30 more bucks, but the problem is the budget gap from the 6950 2gb is like 280 dollars and then the gtx 570 (a descent one) is like 340 dollars PLUS you pay the shipping. 280 to 340 is a huge jump, that's why I didn't get the gtx 570. I wish it was 300 dollars so I can afford it.

    If I want a gtx 570, I have to go with this

    I can increase gpu by 30 bucks, but nothing much more.

    Fan noise might also be a problem. I think it's better getting the best of a 6950, don't you think?
  3. I purchased from Galaxy before and the MIR pulled through. You will also get CUDA and PhsyX with nVIDIA.

    I don't want to dictate how you should spend your money but you can't really future proof graphic cards. AMD 7xxx series and nVIDIA Kepler will be released by 2012. If it was up to me, I would purchase a 1gb 6950 and play it out for a few years before upgrading. If the newer generation graphic cards doesn't look like it offers good improvement then I'll set up a crossfire. It's really up to you. My friend has a 6950 and he doesn't experience any stuttering of the sort. I've only seen him play BF3 though so don't quote me on it :(

    It's probably wise to purchase the case and psu now if you're set on those because they're offering good MIR :)
  4. how about a 1 gb 6950 overclocked or something like that? So I should play that 6950 for a few years and if newer gen cards come out and don't look like they offer much more improvement i should set up a crossfire?

    Did your friend have a crossfire setup with his 6950 or was it only single?

    ~Thanks you really helped.

    Is this a good 1 GB 6950 card?

    people said since my cpu is intel, I should go with the gtx 560 ti. Would it become a big problem if i go with this 6950?

    I need to finalize my psu. I am going with the seasonic 750w psu. Ordering it today. But the case, should I pick the haf 932 or the rosewill thor? Which one would you go with?
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