Bf3 beta gtx580 temps

Hey all, been playing the bf3 beta and as the title suggets my new gtx580 is running around 85 degrees celcius. is that ok for that card?
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  1. its pretty hot... my 6950 on bf3 beta goes like 55c max
    maybe get some more fans
  2. its in a hp case so..... but the thing is this is my rig at work, so i cant go all fancy with the case, it needs to "look" stock (boss) ive read several places these cards can handle 90 degrees and be ok?
  3. What you get to play BF3 at work :ouch:
  4. yes, yes i do and it is awesome
  5. I am jealous lol

    Does the Fractal Design Arc Midi look stock enough? you might have to remove the middle HDD to fit your card though.
  6. Sounds like yo uneed beter ventilation. Check the BIOS for fan control. I have an 7700 HP tower at work and I can control the rear fan fan speed in the BIOS. F10 to enter the BIOS.
  7. @gamer-girl
    yes i am very fortunate

    thanks ill try that
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    The card can definitly handle 90c fine, its very hot but its fine, but itl crash somewhere over 100c. I recommend downloading MSI Afterburner or Evga Precision and make a fan profile for your card, have it hit 80 percent fanspeed when it goes to 70c and if your case cooling is good enough you wont ever hit over 70c.
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