Windows 7 Ftp server not working?


I have an issue with the Windows 7 (64Bit Pro) Ftp server. I followed this guide:
However, when I try to ftp from the guest (iBook G4, on Darwin command line Interface) does not get in: I type ftp 192.168... (My internal IP) and hit enter and it just stays blank until I Ctrl+c it...
I also tried ftp IP:21 because the port I use is port 21 (default port but maybe it wasn't set in the G4) but no success.

The network is however working well because I am able to Telnet into the iBook G4 from my Win7 machine fine...
I have tried to disable completely the Windows Firewall and AVG resident shield but no success. I aslo added the ftp server exception in the windows firewall. I added shared files and users to the ftp server config...

I don't really know what else to change, thks for the help
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  1. Dang, ok it works now.
    I left the house and connected to another wifi, did a couple restarts and came back and now it works.

    Mods can delete this if they want...
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